Daily Spinn: With ‘Nostalgia,’ Seul Longs for Days Gone By

Today’s Daily Spinn is for anyone who has ever found themselves preoccupied with the way things used to be…

With that, let’s check in with Brooklyn-based artist and producer, Seul. While we don’t know much about the mysterious invisible man himself — at least, we assume that’s Seul on the cover art of both of his singles — we do know that his name means “alone” in French. That sense of loneliness certainly comes through on this new tune, which combines a The Police-meets-Minus the Bear post-punk vibe with a slick, trap-inspired beat.

“This song is ultimately about loss,” Seul told us. “It’s an ode to the past, and to the feeling you get when you’re thinking about the past and the things you will never have again. I produced, wrote, and sang the song on my own during confinement, when I kept on thinking about old friends and beautiful memories that I could never experience again.”

Through its wistfulness, “Nostalgia” also carries a certain sense of hysteria brought about by solitude. The urgency of this minimalist soundscape creates a sense of inner turmoil, brought on by the sinking feeling that one’s best days may be behind him.

That’s deep, isn’t it? Guess there’s nothing left for you to do, then, but dive right into this Daily Spinn!

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