Daily Spinn: Casey Jo & The Friday Night Dads See Their Efforts Pay Dividends

Next Monday, we’ll close November on The Quinn Spinn with a visit from Casey Jo & The Friday Night Dads. They’re celebrating their new album, Twin Mind, and we get to dig deep into the process. You’re going to love this episode when it hits!

This album has it all — honest Americana storytelling, presented through a gritty indie rock lens, with influences ranging from punk and alternative, to psych-rock and blues. The nine tracks on Twin Mind honor rock and roll’s long and dynamic history, tied together by the work ethic and chemistry of the Nashville-based quartet.

With that, we present to you the track that lies smack dab in the middle of the whole thing. “Unreliable Narrator” is a blues rock ballad whose emotive guitars, lush keyboard layers, and sorrowful, reverb-soaked melody tug at the heartstrings of all whom it touches.

“Unreliable Narrator” is also one of the band’s proudest moments on Twin Mind. As you’ll hear on next week’s episode, the tune took at least six months to come together, from conception to final mix.

“We spent so much time on ‘Narrator,'” recalls guitarist Ethan Taylor Sims. “I remember specifically thinking, when we were hearing one of the final mixes back of that song, I was like, ‘Finally, does it feel like all of the time we spent on that song was worth it.'”

After one listen to “Unreliable Narrator,” I think you’ll agree that this one was worth all of the hard work. Enjoy it as today’s Daily Spinn!

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