UMC20: The Best of November 2020

Compiling this Best Of edition of UMC20 was a challenge enough. As usual, we had a strong month of music around here, and choosing 20 songs always seems to be a formidable task.

However, this challenge pales in comparison to the one that awaits this weekend.

You see, Thanksgiving weekend is the time where we comb through the entire year of UMC20s, picking out 50 songs to represent the year that was, until the end of time. That’s right — the 2020 edition of UMC50 is on the horizon, folks, and there’s no telling what kind of auditory adventure lies in store when it arrives!

(Not to mention, there are bound to be some painstaking decisions on our end…)

For now, let this month’s “Best Of” compilation be the appetizer to the year’s main course. Check it out below, and make sure you give it a follow!

Track listing
Jakey Hearbreak – Don’t Be Afraid of Your Nightmares
The Ivins – Bloom
The Tisburys – In the Moonlight (Fade #3)
Wesley David – Better Late Than Never
Andrew C. Marshall – Blue
Josh Kelley ft. All Voices – Hold Me My Lord
Notelle – Diet Change
Moody Joody – Villain
TIOGA – Bad Things
Allison Mahal – Me Now
Seul – Nostalgia
Kenna – Harvest
Jackson Dreyer – Control
Ria Marie – 90s Baby
Katie Cole – Hands Tied
Ruby Mack – Machine Man
Ali Aslam ft. Ruby Landen – The Little Picture
Columbia Jones – Sweat
Katie Basden – It Kills Me
Casey Jo & The Friday Night Dads – Unreliable Narrator

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