Holly Clausius Gets Candid With ‘Fallin’ For Friends’

Toronto’s Holly Clausius has consistently delivered with her previous releases throughout this year. I’m pleased to report that her latest, “Fallin’ For Friends,” is no exception.

Something I’ve always admired about Holly’s songwriting is her willingness to be extremely vulnerable. She presents herself to her fans completely and intrepidly — which is a trait that I admire greatly. On “Fallin’ For Friends,” Clausius relives falling in love with a close friend, a scenario that is either an idyllic fantasy or dreadful nightmare. Throughout the song, you can hear a constant push and pull, as she describes her attempts to quell her emotions.

Produced by Alex Purcell, this smoky, bass-driven record brings back the power and soul of early 2000s contemporary R&B. The horns by Michael Henley and Conrad Gulch of Big Smoke Brass perfectly emphasize this point.

Enjoy Holly Clausius’ newest single below!

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