The Ivins Bring Us Back to the Glory Days with “Bloom”

Inspired by early 2000s rock and 2020 quarantine, “Bloom” is a bit of a departure from what you would traditionally hear from The Ivins.

“…our primary objective is to push forward our sound and, more broadly, the sound of modern rock music: never looking back, and always trying to make exciting and interesting permutations, so you can never pigeonhole us as sounding like a certain band,” explained drummer Jack Ivins. “‘Bloom’ was a rare case of wanting to create something nostalgic.”

They nailed it. “Bloom” feels like lying on your bedroom floor in high school, looking up at the ceiling and singing along to the radio — specifically, to bands like Nine Days and Matchbox Twenty, just before ClearChannel took over and played out all the good songs. “Bloom” is pure radio bliss. 

The song’s message holds similar nostalgia. “I wanted to write something to pay tribute to my girlfriend while, as Matt Nathanson once said, ‘not sounding like a Hallmark Card,'” Ivins said. “So, the song is written as a requiem for a lost person meandering through life, and how all it takes is one person and one connection to turn it around. As the song says, I consider her to be ‘the water that makes all my dead leaves grow.'”

Take a jump back in time and hear “Bloom” below!

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