UMC50 2020: Impactful Songs from an Impactful Year

Y’all… this was a process. It was such a process, in fact, that this will be the last UMC50 playlist ever.

That’s not to say we’re giving up on putting out a year-end compilation after 2020. But, after we had a full UMC20’s worth of songs competing for the final two slots, it dawned on us that we’re gonna need a bigger boat in 2021. So, get ready for the first-ever UMC75 playlist next year! Or, we might even be able to get away with UMC100, if we receive as much quality as we did throughout this year.

A little inside baseball, as far as how our decisions were reached:
-As always, we want to make sure that the broad musical spectrum we’ve encountered throughout the year is well-represented. You’ll hear as many musical flavors as possible here.
-Similar to last year — and every UMC20, for that matter — this year’s UMC50 was curated for flow, not a specific “order.” There’s no “#1,” and no “#50.” Just a fine sampling of what 2020 had to offer.
-We thought this was difficult to narrow down last year, and then y’all went and blew the roof off of 2019. Careful and difficult decisions were made, and we want you to know that if you don’t appear here, we still love you. As we said last year, please keep up the good work, and keep telling us about it.

Without any further ado, we introduce you to the UMC50 Class of 2020. If you like it, be sure to follow and share with your friends!

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