Call Me Spinster’s ‘Two Hearts’ Navigates Quarantined Relationship Dynamics

Photo credit: Our Ampersand Photography

Heading down the road a little ways to Chattanooga, we check in with sister trio Call Me Spinster, who are preparing to release their self-titled EP next Friday, December 11.

The sisters — Amelia, Rachel and Rosalie — have given us a preview with their new single and video, “Two Hearts.” The gentle, unorthodox folk ballad features immaculate vocal harmonies and twangy lap steel accents, while providing comfort in the wake of the disagreements we experience.

The single’s timing is appropriate, considering that many of us have been cooped up — for better or worse — with our loved ones for most of the year.

“‘Two Hearts’ was written after a fight with a loved one, and like many of our songs, in a bathtub. It is about a moment in a relationship when expectations suddenly shift, but faith that the ‘seeds and rinds’ of what was there in the first place will remain through difficult times,” the group explains. “As we worked on the video in the spring of 2020, the song itself took on a new meaning. We, like millions of others, navigated the dreamlike ocean of highs and lows of relationships in quarantine — condensed into a tiny fish tank — finding that the essential components of love and connection can be distilled through stress and hardship, rather than broken.”

The video for “Two Hearts” is based in surrealism — much like 2020 itself, right? — as it depicts the sisters sticking together, through thick and thin. Together, the trio navigates some tight spots (including the aforementioned fish tank) while this gentle tune sways with the optimism of happier times ahead.

If you’re feeling a little tense today, let “Two Hearts” bring you peace and understanding. Watch the video below!

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