Max Swan’s ‘Gone Away’: An Introspective Electrosoul Vibe

Earlier this fall, we showed you an eerie juxtaposition from the mind of Max Swan – the black-and-white, abandoned streets of Philadelphia, set to a bright and nostalgic rendition of Henry Mancini’s 1967 song, “Two For the Road.”

That single finds itself on Swan’s new Gone Away EP (released Oct. 30). True to form, Swan bends genres and bares his soul – this time, on a record that explores the humanity in our flaws, and the disconnects that arise within our relationships.

We begin with the title track. “Gone Away” eases us in with a gentle electrosoul vibe, made complete by the sound of crashing waves. Swan’s vocal comes in around the 1:40 mark, pleading with the tide to stay in just a bit longer. The “waves” which roll away are open to interpretation to the listener, but represent a loss of momentum – either in love, or in life.

Sonically, things turn more upbeat on “Apologies.” Still, Swan’s lyrics tell the story of a man reflecting on his past mistakes, their resulting loneliness, and the feeling of being a burden to the people closest to us in times of darkness.

Left to face reality on his own, closing track “Leanin’” presents our protagonist slowly, but surely, slipping into a spiral without the love whom he holds dear.

“Sometimes, I feel like I’m slippin’
More than the day before
If only we could stick together
I would stay upright for sure.”

The future soul soundscape on “Leanin’” is given a vintage touch by way of Swan’s saxophone, which adds a flavor of smooth jazz to the tune.

Track listing
Gone Away
Two For the Road

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