REVIEW: ‘The Reveal’ of a New Band Name and Music Video for ‘She’s Bad’

With the first single under their new moniker, The Reveal (formerly No Name Blues) have finally found their true identity.

Through a journey revealed in the music video for their latest release, “She’s Bad,” we follow the band as they discover who they were meant to be all along. You see, for years they were searching for a band name that encompassed their vibe as a punky, funky, philosophical, psychedelic blues rock band, and their aim to be “a window to the other side.”

“We want to wake people up and make them realize that life is more than a day job,” says Brother Dusty, frontman of the band.

The song itself went through a transformation of its own. Originally a dud, it was reworked over time, and came out the other end as a crowd favorite.

“This song is about temptation and how good it feels. Even though we always know it will get us in trouble or hurt us, we love to indulge in the short-term pleasures that often lead to long term disasters,” Brother Dusty explains.

In the video, the band gives themselves over to the magic of 12 lovely witches who help them bring out their true potential as a band. 

Rich with groovy licks, juicy riffs, and a bass line that’ll make you move, “She’s Bad” will have you swaying, eyes closed, envisioning your own temptations realized.

Reveal the journey for yourself below!

The Reveal – She’s Bad

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