Smooth Retsina Glow Dials Up the Funk on ‘Memories Made’

Complex and lively funk rhythms, scorching guitar work, and a light psychedelic polish are the sonic hallmarks of “Memories Made,” the first single from Smooth Retsina Glow‘s forthcoming album.

According to guitarist and songwriter Colin Wolf, the full forthcoming volume — titled Out of the Ether — is set to hit us in 2021. If “Memories Made” is any indication, we’re in for an auditory joyride when the time comes. A persistent, get-up-and-dance kind of groove underscores the single’s carefree message of universal bliss, which is delivered by the smoky, indie rock alto of the band’s new vocalist, Sarah Stoll.

One particular highlight? Wolf’s fiery, fuzzy guitar solo, which kicks in just before the 2:30 mark. The guitarist evokes memories of The Purple One himself, serving the song melodically while confidently taking this jam into the upper reaches of the stratosphere.

Let’s give you a little something to groove on. Check out “Memories Made” below!

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