Daily Spinn: Are All Relationships ‘Casual’ These Days?

In the day and age of swipe-right apps and instant gratification, it seems like casual relationships have become the norm.

One person who knows that feeling is Jeni Schapire, whose single “Casual” laments the sting of an unfulfilling relationship. The tune’s slow groove and cold, atmospheric synths represent the agony of realizing, but not immediately accepting, that this Tinder or Bumble date is going to turn out to be as temporary as the others.

“I wrote this song stuck in an in between relationship. So much was being asked of me, but I couldn’t ask for anything in return,” Schapire recalled. “We were in a dive bar, and he was drinking mezcal out of a paper cup saying that he couldn’t imagine drinking anything else. I just thought it was so funny. He had no awareness of how ridiculous he sounded.

“In the age of dating apps, I feel like casual relationships are the status quo. So, this song is for me and everyone my age struggling with terrible, unfulfilling, casual relationships.”

If that sounds like you, get acquainted with today’s Daily Spinn!

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