Daily Spinn: On ‘Welcome to Cashville,’ VOLK Proves Rock is Alive and Well

Press photo provided by VOLK.

Rock your way into a new week of Daily Spinns, with a new single that stares down the music industry and shoots from the hip.

Nashville’s very own CowPunk duo, VOLK, isn’t pulling any punches on their new single, “Welcome to Cashville.” The single scoffs at the oft-prescribed notion that rock and roll is dead, with high-octane guitars and thunderous, four-on-the-floor drumbeats that prove the genre’s best days may, indeed, still be ahead of us.

Lyrically, “Welcome to Cashville” sticks a middle finger in the air to the powers that be, said to be a combination of Twisted Sister-like moxie and Waylon Jennings country-styled wit. And then, there’s the chorus, on which these new-age rock pioneers channel the one and only Davy Crockett.

“When the influencers proclaim, ‘Live music should make way for DJ’s,’ the song roars, ‘You go to Hell. I’m going to Texas,'” the band said.

There’s a music video for “Welcome to Cashville” coming later this month, which will premiere over at Nashville Scene during Christmas week. Until then, enjoy the single itself as today’s Daily Spinn!

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