Slugs Process Birth and Death — Simultaneously — on ‘Super Sane’

Sometimes, all we can do is press forward and convince ourselves that everything is fine.

Los Angeles-based alt-rock quartet Slugs captures that feeling on their latest single, “Super Sane.” Drenched with conflicting emotion, the new single simultaneously presents notions of healing and acceptance. Soothing lead vocals from Marissa Longstreet are underscored by haunting low harmonies, and accompanied by a warm, minimalist soundscape which equally captures joy and sorrow.

Longstreet noted that the inspiration for “Super Sane” struck just as the COVID-19 pandemic was setting in, as she was processing her own bittersweet feelings surrounding birth and death.

“A friend of ours died in a motorcycle accident on St Patrick’s Day. Another friend of mine had just had a baby,” Longstreet said. “At the time, I was celebrating the birth of a new life and mourning the loss of someone who didn’t feel gone yet. I wrote this while processing that conflict—trying to convince myself and others ‘I feel fine’ while unravelling.”

For the majority of us, it’s been a weird year full of conflicting emotions. “Super Sane” sums it up. Check it out below!

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