UMC20: Firing Up the Sleigh (Dec. 15, 2020)

It’s pretty odd to think that we’re coming to the tail end of 2020. For one thing, things have actually picked up here considerably in UMC Land in December, with more live streams and all sorts of other fun on our plates. Imagine that — a December that actually gets busier as it goes.

For another, more obvious point: it has certainly felt at times like 2020 would never end, hasn’t it?

Nonetheless, here we are, full of fresh jams across the musical spectrum. And, because ’tis the season, we increased the percentage of holiday tracks on this week’s UMC20. As more roll in, more will be featured as we get to ’em!

For now, here are the 20 songs that will define your week. Catch them below, and be sure to head over and follow the playlist on Spotify!

Track listing
ViB – Lights
B.Jonez – In the Way
Drup – Dark Days
Just Costa – 514
Z’cano & A’Rose – Winter Weather
Max Swan – Leanin’
Jeni Schapire – Casual
Slugs – Super Sane
Mosey Beat – Weekday Stroll
The Reveal – She’s Bad
Smooth Retsina Glow – Memories Made
Jakey Heartbreak – George Floyd (Remember My Name)
VOLK – Welcome to Cashville
Sofa City Sweetheart – Christmas in California
Cat Lines – It’ll Still Be a Merry Christmas
Amanda McCarthy – Christmas Without You
Sabrina Lentini – Xmas Fling
Borrowed Sparks – Are You Listening (Acoustic)
Grace Gillespie – Song for Nick Drake
Jess Nolan – A Little Light

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