Daily Spinn: ‘King of Christmas Eve’ Gives ‘DIY’ a New Meaning

How do you write a holiday song — and produce a music video — from more than 500 miles apart?

Of course, we’ve heard plenty of stories about artists having to get creative and work together from afar here in the ‘rona times — but, not like this!

“King of Christmas Eve” is a collaboration between Michigan-based vocalist Coley Kennedy and Nashville’s Justin Collins. The dreamy, vintage rock and roll soundscape was recorded entirely on the duo’s iPhone 6s and stitched together in GarageBand — and yes, that includes the instruments!

Kennedy was responsible for the lyrics and vocals. Collins produced, mixed, and arranged the track, adding drums, guitar, vocal harmonies, and sleigh bells, while his brother Scott (slide guitar) and son Noah (saxophone) added touches to the finished product.

“The song is an homage to Christmastime during the golden era — an era when song and dance, tradition, and cocktails were held in high regard,” Kennedy explains.

As for the video, the ongoing pandemic made it difficult to re-create a raucous holiday party, as originally planned. So, Kennedy went out and found some old dance footage from the 1940s and 1950s.

“I put in in iMovie and added some snow effects, and voila! Our little indie Christmas masterpiece, all done with outdated, free Apple apps,” Kennedy said.

That masterpiece is here for you. Check it out!

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