Jess Nolan Goes Inward On ‘A Little Light / Change’

You may have heard that Nashville-based songwriter Jess Nolan will deliver a special Live from the 615 performance this Friday, December 18 at 6 p.m. CT. If you hadn’t heard that yet… well, now you have!

It’s perfect timing, considering Nolan just released not just one, but two singles last Friday.

The new tunes — titled “A Little Light” and “Change” — illustrate the popular sentiments many of us have shared at varying points throughout 2020, released at the perfect time of year for reflection.

“A Little Light” comes first. True to its title, this mostly-somber tune is led by a slow piano march, but features a sweetly-sung melody that acts as a single ray of sunlight shining in the midst of a cold, grey winter. “A Little Light” is here to offer us a sense of hope and camaraderie, even in a time of isolation and introspection.

“Change” sweeps in gently, behind Juan Solorzano’s deftly-picked guitar and the coffeehouse vibe of Ross McReynolds’ percussion. Nolan uses the metaphor of a sudden, devastating storm — not unlike the one we faced this past March in middle Tennessee — to acknowledge that there is often unpleasantness in change. However, she does this while accepting the unpredictability of life’s journey, and convincing us of our own strength to weather any challenge.

Chill with these introspective wintry vibes, and enjoy A Little Light / Change below!

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