Mesa Jane’s ‘Frequency’ Addresses the Isolation of 2020

2020 has been a time to go inward — to decipher the stories that live inside of us, and to find new ways to express them.

Mesa Jane got the memo early on in the pandemic. Now, she has Frequency — her first-ever self-produced EP — to show for it.

The Philly-based folk pop artist calls the three-track offering her own “digital time stamp for 2020.” Frequency addresses the emotional effects of isolation — and how this year has forced us to take stock of our own lives in ways that we never expected.

“This year has been a time of emotional ups and downs, confusion, and gratitude. It will likely take years to process the ‘aftermath’ and everything that has happened,” she noted. “This EP is mainly a result of using music as therapy and a healthy outlet for those emotions, as well as entertainment while having to stay home so much.”

Self-produced as “a result of necessity, rather than preference,” Frequency was a chance for Mesa Jane to dig in and find resilience in uncertain times.

“When you really love doing something, you will find a way to defy the odds, hurtle the obstacles and keep doing it,” Mesa Jane told UMC. “We’ve seen so much of that kind of resourcefulness with streaming concerts, long distance co-writing sessions, virtual music conferences and events, and award shows.”

As for the three tracks, “Frequency” kicks us off on a meditative note, providing clarity toward the ways our smallest interactions — and especially, the ways we treat each other — add up to impact the greater makeup of the planet. That is followed by the frantic dance-pop track, “I Wanna See My Friends.” Written during the early stages of quarantine, the new wave-influenced tune was born out of cabin fever, and playfully captures the anxiety of being isolated for a to-be-determined period of time.

Closing track “Take Care of You,” written before the pandemic set in, made the cut on Frequency because of its relatability to the uncertainty of the times. “Take Care of You” was co-produced with New York-based producer Alex Salzman, and gives Mesa Jane the opportunity to solemnly count her blessings for the memories made with loved ones, while realizing that those bonds may only exist from afar for the foreseeable future.

“(Take Care of You) fits the collection well, because it describes wanting to stop time and run to be with loved ones, but having to let go, at least temporarily,” she said. “It’s also a song about being there for each other, even if it’s just emotional support.”

Tune into this Frequency when you enjoy it below!

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