UMC20: The Year’s Final All-New Edition (Dec. 22, 2020)

Next week, we’ll bring you the UMC20 Best of December, compiling jams from throughout the month.

That means that this is it. This is the last time 20 all-new tracks will grace UMC20 in 2020.

Fortunately, there’s still plenty to choose from, as this year winds down into its final days. There’s plenty from across the spectrum, per usual, and we think it’s bound to leave you with a couple reasons to look back fondly on 2020, as it enters the rear view.

Track listing
Mesa Jane – See My Friends
Sarah Bailey – Drops of Liquor
Heru Heru ft. Sup3r8 and Ro – Without You
Cam Carter ft. Raquel Aurilia – Reaching Out For You
Dil – Wish U Away
Slowride – I Feel Like You
Ali Henderson – Other Girls
Melting Mallows – I’m Fine
Jesse Roper – Right Now
Matt Mays – Talking to the Sky
Sofa City Sweetheart – Linus and Lucy
Junkhead Jane – Brown Sugar
Zilverbacks – Raft of Medusa
Them Jones – Here Comes the Dark
Jess Nolan – Change
Carly Tefft – Speakeasy
Lisa Remar – Fell Into
Best Hit TV – Part of Me
Greg Hill – Better Love
Sleepwoka – Together We Are

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