Ending the Year ‘Slowly from the Inside’ with Alt Rock Band, Manic.

If you’re looking for a new song that you can jam out to in the car and get stuck in your head, look no further than Nashville band Manic.’s new single, “Slowly From The Inside.”

This alternative pop rock trio emerged in 2017, and has since created one highly impressive EP and released two more banger singles prior to this one. From their funky, upbeat melodies, to their slow melodic vibes, I’ve had my eye on them for a while. 

This track itself takes you on a journey, but the path to getting the single released wasn’t so smooth. Frontman Nicholas Banos, also referred to by his moniker “Bedhead,” said the following when asked about the timing of the release: 

 “We actually tried to release it in October, but we weren’t anywhere near prepared. I experienced two deaths in the family, so we literally got it out as soon as we could. It worked out really well. I think that it became a way for us to kill the year. I’ve also been very inspired recently by watching a lot of other artists in the industry make the most of the pandemic. I really wanted to keep pushing myself to make something for our fans in spite of everything. We also wanted to show people how diverse we can be.”

Drawing from inspirations like My Chemical Romance, The Used, and the more recent, effervescent Yungblud, it’s easy to hear these influences in Manic.’s music and on this particular single. The intro brings you into the world of dystopian pleasure, and takes you along a keyboard river of unchained emotion. They then go above and beyond by adding the backing vocals of another artist, Maggie Miles, to create a psychedelic feel that makes you want to get up and move. Their voices harmonize perfectly, adding an edge to the track that we didn’t know we desperately needed.

Aside from its addictive sound, “Slowly From The Inside” has a deeper meaning. When asked about what inspired the song, Bedhead vulnerably admitted: 

 “I had been wanting to write a song about my friend’s suicide since he died when I was in high school. About halfway through the first verse, I mentally shifted to wanting to write from the perspective of the twisted and broken soul that remained. I like using ‘Bedhead’, the character I created, as a chance to explore some of those concepts.” 

The band didn’t just tag the talented Maggie Miles onto this; they had several gifted hands bring this track to life. Independent steam pop artist and self-identified sync-producer Miles David (also referred to as WALKR XY) had the first session with the band when creating “Slowly From the Inside.” The single has a similar feel as the band’s collaboration on David’s single, “Disconnected,” and came together authentically through a creative surge between the artists.

David elaborated on the inspiration behind the single:

“Nic came to the studio with this brooding acoustic concept about mourning someone, and I really loved it. But, while I was producing it, I kept leaning into these funky, spooky flavors, and it just took a life of its own. That transformation was my favorite part.”

It all started to come together when the other Manic. members — guitarist Liam “Sly Boy” Smith, bassist Jacob Saint Patrick, and drummer Josh Parra — added their flair to the track. In fact, playing on this track ultimately landed Parra, the newest member, his spot in the band. Banos also got his girlfriend and muse, Taylor Jolie, to co-write the bridge melody with him. Mixing engineer and friend of the band, Jake Hartsfield, brought it home by mastering, mixing, and downright slaying “Slowly From the Inside” to perfection. Talk about a powerhouse production full of incredible Nashville talent! 

While we bring one of the craziest years of our lives to a close, it’s nice to end it with a single like “Slowly From The Inside.” It’s one that grips us, quite literally, from the inside, carrying us on a euphonious roller coaster ride, while telling an intimate story of loss and metamorphosis. Manic. proves to be a band to watch in 2021 as they grow into their own. There’s no sound similar to theirs in Nashville — because they’re creating their own. 

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