On His New Single, OrangeG Wants to ‘Look Both Ways’ at Negative Space

With intense harmonica, dark, heavy vibes, and a bright intention, OrangeG’s latest release, ”Look Both Ways,” digs into our human tendency to see the worst in people.

However, by the end of the song, we find a lingering insinuation to look for the good instead.

OrangeG’s warning to “look both ways before making conversation, look both ways before stating point of view” may stem from his experiences working in a highly competitive field in the sciences. Those experiences, combined with this year’s challenges, have found him fighting off a bitter perspective. Writing songs like this has offered him a way to not only self-medicate and get some relief, but to feel positive and fulfilled.

“The song is about how we often assume the worst from our fellow humans, and I wrote it to remind myself and others to challenge those perspectives, and see things from a more positive outlook,” he explains.

Musically, the song is full of grunge and grit. It’s a raw recording, devoid of filler sounds blending out the arrangement, so that each instrument — all of which are played by OrangeG himself — can be heard distinctly. The style suits the song and message perfectly, driving home the dirty, gritty emotion behind it. Unknown Brothers described the song as “90s grunge crossed with early Radiohead and some 60s-esque harmonies thrown in, along with the most fucked up sounding harmonica you’ve ever heard…”

Catch OrangeG playing live every week at Hambone’s Virtual Open Mic, and listen to Look Both Ways below.

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Watch out for OrangeG’s next release, “Orion’s Arrow,” coming Jan 8.

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