UMC20: The Best of December 2020

Here it is: your lasting impression of 2020’s final month!

With the arrival of the UMC20 Best of December comes good news. All of these songs are eligible for inclusion in next year’s UMC50 compilation (which is more likely to be at least UMC75, but maybe UMC100)! We thought it was a bit unfair that the featured jams of December missed the cutoff for our annual playlist over the past couple of years. So, the eligibility period for the New Year begins a month early, from now on!

With that, there’s a good chance you’ll be hearing a few of these again in the future. Enjoy ’em all now, as 2020 moves through its final days!

Track listing
Mesa Jane – See My Friends
Sarah Bailey – Drops of Liquor
Cam Carter ft. Raquel Aurilia – Reaching Out For You
Allan Fine, Miriam Speyer, and Lord Goldie – Hey Now
B.Jonez – In the Way
Dil – Wish U Away
Slowride – I Feel Like You
Ali Henderson – Other Girls
Just Costa – 514
Bellsavvy – In My Zone
Z’cano & A’Rose – Winter Weather
brushstroke – Freeze
Max Swan – Leanin’
Matt Mays – Talking to the Sky
Chris Wilcox – Old Shore Troubadour
VOLK – Welcome to Cashville
Borrowed Sparks – Are You Listening (Acoustic)
Andrew LaVogue – Sun on Sand Beach
Jeremy Stinson – One More Drink
Jess Nolan – A Little Light

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