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Daily Spinn: Eric & The Soo Find a New Companion

Anyone who has had to quarantine at any point throughout the pandemic can tell you that true companionship goes a long way toward healing loneliness.

For Eric Brombacher of Toronto-based roots rock band, Eric & The Soo, a 14-day period of isolation led him to find a new companion — in the form of a vintage guitar.

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From Appalachia to New York City: Getting to Know Sam Phelps

Kentucky-born Americana artist Sam Phelps followed life’s winding road to New York City, where he finds himself surrounded by music and culture on a daily basis. Today on The Quinn Spinn, we learn about Sam’s journey, what the Big Apple has taught him, and the themes of his new EP, Talking to a Friend, out now.


Real Talk: What Can You Control?

A number of events over the past year have made people in our industry feel like the world is spinning out of control.

The fact? Most of it always has been outside of our control. However, there are still daily actions that we can take to improve everything within our immediate spheres of influence.

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Announcing Live from the 615 Virtual Showcases!

As we patiently wait for the day that we can once again stand, shoulder to shoulder, in a loud venue for a night of live music, Live from the 615 remains committed to bringing the experience straight to you!

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With ‘Periscope,’ Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville Offers Entrepreneur Training for Artists

Here at Underground Music Collective, we’re big proponents of well-rounded artist education, so that the folks in our community can get the most out of their careers and dreams.

As it turns out, so is the Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville — and they have a program dedicated to helping artists in our region maximize their potential!

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