Daily Spinn: Welcome to 2021 at the ‘Country Club’

Happy New Year! We hope you’re as ready as we are for 2021. Furthermore, we hope that this is the year that lifts you up and gives you everything you need to make your dreams reality.

Let’s leave the division of yesteryear in the past, and let’s focus on finding unity! While it might still be a few more months before we can do that full-force, the way we used to, we can at least come together right now through music.

With that, this year already has its first anthem of solidarity, as Daniella merges pop, EDM, and country flavors with her new single, “Country Club.” The bright and positive new tune — presented in a style coined by the artist herself as “dirt road meets DJ” — dropped at the stroke of midnight, and sends the message that it’s OK to come into this year exactly as you are.

“With the combination of fakeness on social media and the pandemic, many people are feeling more insignificant and isolated than ever before,” Daniella said. “I want to let them know they are invited to be in our club – our Country Club!”

Today, we raise a toast to you. Whatever you’ve been through, we’re glad you’re here, and we’re excited to see what the next 365 days behold. Dream of the possibilities as you enjoy “Country Club” below!

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