LISTEN: Walter DeBarr Begins 2021 with ‘Blackened’

Walter DeBarr comes into 2021 on a songwriting tear. It seems every time we chat with the West Virginia native, he has something new up his sleeve that he can’t wait to share with the world.

For one thing, DeBarr’s latest single “Blackened” was released as soon as the ball dropped on New Year’s Day on the East Coast. The tune starts 2021 off on an ominous note — complete with a dark, bluesy guitar dirge and a dramatic string arrangement, the single’s opening measures would fit right into the opening credits of a high-intensity drama on Netflix. DeBarr’s gravely, haunting vocals enter 35 seconds in, driving home the sorrow of a tragic figure who has hit one too many dead ends.

If that weren’t intense enough for you, wait until we get to the 2:40 mark. The crescendo of the second chorus builds to an even greater climax, as pounding drums and a wailing guitar solo sweep in to create a spiraling sense of anguish, leaving the listener shaken to the core.

This here is a heavy one. Check out “Blackened” below!

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