UMC20: An Interesting Start to the Year (Jan. 5, 2021)

You know that we like to keep you guessing around here. So, true to form, we’re starting off the New Year with one of our most unique and eclectic UMC20 playlists to date!

Certainly, we run the gamut from pop, to hip hop, to rock. There are also some dreamy, ambient, and even cinematic selections on this week’s playlist! Oh, and you’ll find a nice serving of Americana that will make you come back for seconds!

Lending an assist on this one? The artists all over the world, who send their music and keep us on our toes. Check out the first UMC20 of 2021 below!

Track listing
Daniella – Country Club
Cole Sipe – Lost Trees
Mesa Jane – Frequency
There’s Talk – Ascension
HERU HERU – Movin’ On
Max Swan – Apologies
Abstract Sekai – Junkyard Jungle
Jack Vinoy – St. Petersburg
Forts Like Vana – Damsel in Distress
Manic. – Slowly From The Inside
OrangeG – Look Both Ways
VOLK – Flowers on the Wall
Antonio Lopez – Flying Like a Bird
Borrowed Sparks – Marie’s Dress (Acoustic)
Rocky Michaels – The Golden Rule
Danny Rose – Hard Times a-Comin’
The Broken Binding – Kissin’ Your Girl Down By the River
Walter DeBarr – Blackened
The Godzilla Attacks Tokyo Kamikaze Blues Band – Your Silence Says it All
The Director’s Cuts – Star

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