Ascend with This Sonic Dreamscape from There’s Talk

Today at UMC, we’re going to whisk you away to Dreamland…

Helping us in this endeavor will be Oakland-based dream pop trio, There’s Talk. Fronted by songwriter and pianist Olivia Lee, the band’s latest single, “Ascension,” is the closing track on their new Great Falls EP. Much like the EP itself, “Ascension” explores themes of “escape, contempt, grief, and the grave responsibility of memory — a dutiful march towards recovery.”

Experimental electronic synthesizers and ambient guitars find themselves drenched in a shoegaze-inspired haze on “Ascension,” creating an ice-cold, wintry soundscape that gives Lee’s soothing vocal room to ease the listener into a meditative state.

Ready to ascend? Step right up and check it out!

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