LISTEN: A Ballad for Soulmates from The Jayplayers

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of finding and recognizing true love…

“Last of My Kind” — the latest single from award-winning Americana duo, The Jayplayers — captures that moment. The tender waltz puts forth a sweeping romantic ambiance, as vocalists Keeley McCue and Chris Weidensaul blend their voices as seamlessly as two souls joining together as one.

“The journey of true love is meant to unfold as the song progresses, to reveal how transformative it is. All of the trials and uncertainties of life prove worth it, for life makes the most sense through the lens of love,” McCue said “As a vocalist and co-songwriter, I really rooted this song in my personal experience of meeting and falling in love with my husband.”

“Last of My Kind” was recorded Seventh Wave Studios (Palmyra, PA), where it was mixed and mastered by Randy Lane. Check it out below!

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