It’s Getting Hard to Breathe Among Cole Sipe’s “Lost Trees”

As he does with all of his music, Cole Sipe single-handedly brought his latest single “Lost Trees” to life, from inception to completion. He says that his new futuristic funk tune will make you feel “lost in any space that you’re in.”

The hooky melody on “Lost Trees” compliments a familiar theme of feeling stuck, not knowing where to turn, and giving in to the unknown. Hints of influences such as Curtis Mayfield and Chuck Sutton waft through the subconscious, while drifting away into this chill pop track.

Sipe is no stranger to success. As a part of Family Before Everything Records, he’s enjoyed millions of streams for songs like “Way Back Home” with NCS (No Copyright Sound).

Now, we have a chance to enjoy the breeze and listen to “Lost Trees” below, Also, be on the lookout for his next single, “Bitter,” coming soon!

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