UMC20: The Submission Form Works! (Jan. 12, 2021)

I’ll tell ya whut… we’ve had a lot of plates to keep spinning here in UMC Land, that sometimes, it’s nice to just go through and catch up on some submissions.

Certainly, you’ve all made sure there’s plenty there waiting for us. Whether through our nifty submission forms, or just via old fashioned email, we once again had plenty to choose from for this week’s edition of UMC20.

We’ll let you check it out from here. Just make sure you keep the good stuff coming!

Track listing
Jessica Lynne Witty – Hail Mary
Wes Ryce – Empty
The Jayplayers – Last of My Kind
Tatyana Kalko – Cameron
Steve Covington and the Humble Strays – Darlin’
Groove Merchants – I Shall Be Released
VINOK – Elephant Girl
Year of October – Black Widow
Rare Monk – Goodbye
OrangeG – Orion’s Arrow
His His – Matador
Julian Dinwoodie – Up N down Til the End
Antonio Lopez – Roots & Wings
Andrew C. Marshall – Supernova
David Lennix – Midnight Love
Sam Ellis – Matter
Sabriel – Love Again
Gr3ys0n – Last Bout
LVRBOY & Leah Sykes – all of my friends are sad
Sarah Bailey – champagne problems

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