Daily Spinn: Lynn Callihan Helps the Homeless with ‘Skin and Bones’

Michigan native Lynn Callihan‘s percussive guitar stylings and warm baritone combine to create a “dark Americana” sound that calls to mind the plight of the everyman.

On his latest single, “Skin and Bones,” he uses this timeless sound to shine light on the homeless.

“I started thinking about a homeless man I knew in Cincinnati quite some time ago. He was an amazing individual. At one time in his life, he had everything, then lost it all,” Callihan said. “Whenever I met him on the street, I stopped and talked with him, and give him what little money I had left in my pocket. Eventually, he was found one winter day curled up in a corner; he had taken his last breath.”

“I wrote this song to bring more awareness to this dire situation.”

“Skin and Bones” was crafted with help from Chris Werner (upright bass) and Frank McGucken (piano and accordion). You won’t find it on the traditional streaming platforms; instead, Callihan is offering the single as a free download on his website, and asking all who take the time to download it to consider donating to the Center for the Homeless.

Preview “Skin and Bones” below as today’s Daily Spinn.

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