Andrew LaVogue’s ‘Surrounded by the Northern Lights’ is a Welcomed Escape

Andrew LaVogue’s latest instrumental EP, Surrounded by the Northern Lights, takes us through the story of a three-day retreat in search of mental clarity and peace. I hesitated to call it “instrumental” above because, the way he performed and arranged these songs, you’d think he’s right next to you talking about this retreat.

To start off, “Surrounded by the Northern Lights Pt. I” begins deep in an ethereal soundscape; a seemingly endless mass of sound, interrupted only by the occasional wave of static. Right before we get completely lost in the sound, a rolling electric guitar enters, kicking off the journey with LaVogue’s twangy, yet warm tone on full display.

Then, Andrew describes an easy, carefree day with “Sun at Sand Beach.” Playful melodies dance around each other in a blissful fashion. It’s hard not to smile through this one.

Returning to the aforementioned ethereal landscape, “Constellations” is a thoughtful and contemplative track. Nothing in this song moves too fast or too slow. It’s open, providing enough room to get lost in the music. Just when you think you’ve gotten the idea, “Constellations” offers another one, leaving you fully invested and engaged in this brilliantly arranged piece.

Closing out this fantastic EP is “Surrounded by the Northern Lights Pt. II.” That rolling guitar from the opening track returns to accompany you to the journey’s end. This song doesn’t sound like a goodbye, however; it feels full of gratitude for past adventures, while being full of excitement for more. Coincidentally, that’s how I feel about LaVogue’s music.

Check out Andrew LaVogue’s latest EP “Surrounded by the Northern Lights” below!

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