PREMIERE: Alive Through Memories Releases the Rejuvenating Single, ‘New Again’

After every winter comes the spring. After every night comes the dawn.

Alive Through Memories took us on a complete, tumultuous emotional journey last year with the release of their album, Everything Must Go. Now, the Boston-based pop punk band is back with a new single and video that serves as the album’s refreshing epilogue, titled “New Again.”

“‘New Again’ embodies the idea that, through the uncertainties and challenges life inevitably brings, that you have the ability to make it through those experiences, and will be a better person for living through them,” said frontman Alex McGillivray.

“New Again” came together quickly. McGillivray came up with melodic ideas for the song’s repeating guitar motif, which guitarist Ryan Jordan built chords around. McGillivray then penned the lyrics and the duo hit the studio, later joined by pop punk guitarist Matt Guillherme, who brought an extra burst of energy to the creative process.

The new single is the first of a new era for the band, titled When All That is Left is The Sun. However, the new music that lies ahead will not be released in the form of a full album. Instead, McGillivray plans to release new music as it is created, helping it to embody “a living, breathing piece of art.”

For now, get your first taste of the new era, and check out “New Again” below!

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