UMC20: An Abundance of Fresh Faces (Jan. 19, 2021)

If there’s one thing we can count on, it’s that we’re always going to have plenty of fire to choose from for UMC20, each and every week.

That theory holds true once again, as we give you a compilation of tunes from artists here at home, and as far away as Canada and even Greece. There are plenty of artists making their UMC20 debuts this week, along with a solid helping of friendly faces unveiling their latest projects.

Aren’t we lucky, that we get to bring it all to you every week? I’d say so! Check out this week’s playlist below!

Track listing
Alive Through Memories – New Again
The Sewing Club – My Dad Wants You Dead
Valleyheart – T.I.K.
Lauren Lakis – Run to You
Vera Bloom – Love Like Knives
Spirits Republic – On & Bound
Year of October – My Soul
Casey Jo & The Friday Night Dads – Telephone
Eli Gardiner – The Right and the Wrong
Andrew LaVogue – Surrounded By the Northern Lights Pt. 1
Skymap – Scorpius
His His – Winter Journal
Brooke Lynn – Little One
Nora Tirrell – If I Didn’t Have You
Erica Knox – Running Inside of My Brain
Emily Rowed – Let Me Hurt
Xhoana X – Deepest Pleasure
Varro Vivyds – Fool’s Gold
Darzo – Single Cell
Alexandra Beck – Blemished

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