PREMIERE: Rose Starring Has Seen a ‘Ghost’

We conclude your work week on a haunting note.

Today, it comes from Nashville-based pop songstress Rose Starring. Starring — who, since we last checked in, has graduated with her Recording Industry degree from Middle Tennessee State University — released “Ghost” to the world today, as an honest and raw tribute to a loved one whose presence still lingers.

“I wrote this song to cope with the feeling of still missing someone, long after you know that you shouldn’t,” Starring said.

“Ghost” was written by Starring, who called upon producer Gabriel Eli to bring it to life in the studio. Listeners can expect a spectral ambiance and morose, reverb-heavy guitars. Starring, meanwhile, exercises fantastic vocal control, providing an airy melody that is downright celestial in its delivery.

You’ll be glad that this “Ghost” appeared on your timeline when you check it out below!

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