UMC20: The Best of January 2021

It may be the dead of winter. But, as expected, y’all got the New Year off to a hot start!

True to form with every other month since we started this UMC20 thing, narrowing this down to a “Best Of” compilation proved to be a delightful challenge. So many artists stormed out of the gates into 2021 with new music, and we’re proud of you for taking such strong creative steps to begin the New Year.

With that, we had to get this one down to 20, and we’re proud of what we’ve done here, as well. Take a look and a listen!

Track listing
Daniella – Country Club
Jessica Lynne Witty – Hail Mary
Brooke Lynn – Little One
Wes Ryce – Empty
The Jayplayers – Last of My Kind
Andrew LaVogue – Surrounded By the Northern Lights Pt. 1
Antonio Lopez – Flying Like a Bird
Walter DeBarr – Blackened
The Godzilla Attacks Tokyo Kamikaze Blues Band – Your Silence Says it All
Groove Merchants – I Shall Be Released
Darzo – Single Cell
There’s Talk – Ascension
Emily Rowed – Let Me Hurt
Sabriel – Love Again
Sarah Bailey – champagne problems
Forts Like Vana – Damsel in Distress
Manic. – Slowly From The Inside
Alive Through Memories – New Again
The Sewing Club – My Dad Wants You Dead
Vera Bloom – Love Like Knives

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