Listen To Brother Dusty’s New Single (But Don’t Tell The Sheriff)

Howdy! I reckon y’all should tip yer hats and take a gander at this newly released single from Brother Dusty, titled “Don’t Tell the Sheriff.”

You might recognize Brother Dusty as the frontman of the psychedelic rock band, The Reveal. This band has been dominating the Nashville scene as of late, with records like “Desert Man” and “She’s Bad,” which were featured on UMC last year. Their sound is one of the most unique in the city, and Dusty takes it to a whole new level with his solo project’s alter ego, Ol’ Dusty the Bandit.

Who is Ol’ Dusty the Bandit? Let’s find out from the artist, in his own words:

“I’m a real tough, rough ridin’, rootin’, tootin’, shootin’, crazy son of a gun, and this is my town. If you don’t like it, just know that I’m the fastest, cleanest shooter this side of the Mississippi, and I’m fixin’ ta prove it. You don’t want that smoke, buddy. “

The vibe on “Don’t Tell the Sheriff” is mega groovy. The flow came from a riff that Reveal guitarist Josh Clay started playing. The words formed from there, and the song came to life on the very same day. It was engineered with Max Barber, and produced by Paul Hammel and Josh Waters, making “Don’t Tell the Sheriff” a full-on collaboration from rootin’, tootin’ creatives who came together to create this sensational single. When asked about the sound, Dusty described it as:

“Somewhere between old school southern outlaw country, mixed with trippy space hip hop. It’s like if Kid Cudi started a band with Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and Charlie Daniels.”  

-Brother Dusty, on “Don’t Tell the Sheriff.”

The video has an extraterrestrial cowboy aesthetic that feels like you’ve been taken to another dimension. The visuals for this funky piece were a collaboration between Dustin and photographer/videographer Makayla Boling. The two worked together to develop video ideas and find the perfect location.

It’s no secret that Brother Dusty is known for writing with meaning and depth. His lyrics across all of his projects display a sense of enlightened awareness. His eclectic style shows artists that they can be whoever they want to be, and allow themselves to create freely without expectation. With his facial expressions and the way he carries himself, Ol’ Dusty the Bandit distinctly sets himself apart as an independent artist on “Don’t Tell the Sheriff.”

When asked about the style choices in this video, he commented:

“Some songs are very important to me that the video tells the story. Others can be random, fun, and pointless. This one, for example, is just scenery and performance that draws from the style of the music. It shows a bit of the country aesthetic, with the trippy effects on top to highlight the spacey feel.”

We’re lucky to be blessed with such a treat during this a trying time for artists. In truth, Dusty has been patiently waiting for the right time to release “Don’t Tell the Sheriff” Now, with the right resources and the start of new year, Dusty decided that now was the best time for the release.

“God’s timing, I guess you could say. With it being a new year, I think it’s cool to establish a new character in my music. So, it works out. “ 

If you’re just discovering Brother Dusty and his musical adventures, rest assured that he’s just getting started. Alongside his work with The Reveal, he will be working on many more alter ego projects for us to thoroughly enjoy. Now that “Don’t Tell the Sheriff” has been released, we can put our best boots on and look forward to much more from Ol’ Dusty the Bandit.

“I’m working on developing a full album of songs like this. I think, over time, I will build on it more and more.” 

Check out “Don’t Tell the Sheriff” below, and save it on your all available streaming platforms.

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