LISTEN: Sam Phelps’ New EP Feels Just Like ‘Talking To A Friend’

The lifelong search for happiness and lasting relationships can be draining on the soul, but it can also be the driving force of inspiration for great art. In this case, it certainly was.

Sam Phelps’ new EP, “Talking To A Friend,” is a collection of songs about relationships, longing, and self-reflection, and it’s easy to lose yourself in this classic Americana album.

With influences like Jason Isbell, Justin Townes Earle, and Steve Earle, Phelps merges Americana rock, bluegrass, and folk with a gritty southern rock edge. Brian Geltner (drums) and Sean Walsh (producer/lead guitar) helped amplify these influences by lending their talents to this EP.

Phelps’ experiences growing up in Appalachia shines through in his songwriting style, and can be felt strongly throughout the EP.

“Sam shares stories of growing up in rural Appalachia, and moving to New York through his music. His gentle harmonies and powerful guitar solos are what creates his distinct and undeniable sound.” says Molly Lamb, artist manager for Sam Phelps.

His lyrics are an observation of experience and inward thought that dive into the turmoil of relationships lost, and the need for self-fulfillment. Phelps possesses a self-aware perspective while searching for happiness, without quite yet knowing how to find it.

“I can be a man child,
Still out runnin’ wild.
Always been the one 
For bitchin’ and moanin’ and carryin’ on.”

-Talking To A Friend, Sam Phelps

Take the journey from Appalachia to New York, and go in search of connection and contentment with Sam Phelps. Listen to Talking To A Friend below, and keep an eye out for a (COVID-pending) late-spring east coast tour.

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