Daily Spinn: Eric & The Soo Find a New Companion

Anyone who has had to quarantine at any point throughout the pandemic can tell you that true companionship goes a long way toward healing loneliness.

For Eric Brombacher of Toronto-based roots rock band, Eric & The Soo, a 14-day period of isolation led him to find a new companion — in the form of a vintage guitar.

The pandemic-inspired “She’s Older Than Me” came about while Brombacher was recently forced into COVID-related isolation. During that time, a friend of his loaned him the guitar with a gentle reminder.

“Upon delivering said guitar, my friend implored ‘be gentle with her, she’s older than you,'” Eric noted.

From there, he got to work with his new friend, writing a story that personifies his older, mature friend and speculates the long, winding road that led her to his doorstep. It’s a beautifully-told story, and a testament to the ways that music helps us push through.

“She’s Older Than Me” was recorded remotely across four international cities: Toronto, Sault Ste. Marie, and North Bay, Canada and Lauchringen, Germany. Joining Brombacher on the track are contributors including Ken Yoshioka (electric guitar/slide guitar/harmonica); Tim Bradford (bass), and Dino Naccarato (drums/percussion).

Now, it’s landed here in Nashville. Check out “She’s Older Than Me” as today’s Daily Spinn!

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