Greg in Good Company Paints a Masterpiece with ‘Mulholland at Midnight’

Greg Gilman of Greg in Good Company spent most of 2020 going inward, using the pandemic solitude as a rare opportunity to slow down in the shadow of Los Angeles’ bright lights.

Now, he has emerged with his first single of 2021 — and it captures the very essence of one of LA’s most captivating roadways.

“‘Mulholland at Midnight‘¬†is one of my personal favorites I’ve written and recorded,” Gilman said. “It’s my tribute to all the ghosts of Hollywood’s past that have driven on the iconic LA road that stretches from the city, all the way to the Pacific Ocean. I wanted to create a painting¬†with words, and produce a sound best heard blasting out of car speakers on the open road.”

We have to say, Gilman nailed it. An impassioned and dynamic rock and roll ballad, “Mulholland at Midnight” illustrates the glow of the city’s bright lights, viewed wistfully from a distance as they stretch further into the rear view.

Get in your car, go for a drive, and turn this one all the way up, folks.

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