Daily Spinn: Christopher Kenji Hangs On to an Old Flame

Here’s a Daily Spinn for the one that got away.

This one comes from Christopher Kenji, a self-produced indie rock artist based out in the San Francisco Bay Area. Kenji released his new single, “Pretend That It Was Right,” on Friday, painting a reminiscent, hook-laden portrait of a love that has passed him by.

“’Pretend That It Was Right’ is a song about being on the other side after you’ve loved and lost, and wishing you could go back and relive it all again, just to feel that crazy, silly, naive happiness one last time — even though you know it wasn’t meant to be,” Kenji explains.

Sonically, “Pretend That It Was Right” features clean guitars on top of a jazz-influenced rhythm section that gives the single a light, breezy feel. Regret weighs heavy, however, and is illustrated by the increasing presence of atmospheric keys, which slowly and inevitably pierce the soundscape as reality sets in — this love is gone forever, and it isn’t coming back.

If you’ve ever loved and lost, this Daily Spinn is for you. Stream “Pretend That It Was Right” below!

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