Daily Spinn: Leah Jean Warmly Remembers ‘Ohio’

Not all songs come together quickly. Sometimes, they take years to complete.

That wasn’t the case with Leah Jean’s new single, “Ohio,” just released on Monday. The Dayton-area native recalls a quick and easy writing process for this lush indie folk offering, inspired by one of her favorite artists.

“Looking back, the writing process was pretty simple: I listened to “Garden Song” by Phoebe Bridgers approximately 100,000 times to and from my day job and thought, ‘I want to write a song like this,” she said. “One day in February, as soon as I got home from work, I tuned my guitar to Drop D and finger-picked some droney chords in a continuous 16th note pattern until I had my foundation. Then, the stream of consciousness started.”

Memories came flooding in from Leah’s formative years. As she wrote, she recalled water balloon fights, family ties, and even receiving a kiss from her crush on his birthday — distant memories brought to life by this gorgeous, golden-hour soundscape.

About that soundscape: it was brought to fruition by co-producers Van Isaacson and Sam Roller. In fact, it was a brainstorming session in Roller’s room that gave “Ohio” its instrumental shape.

“I remember sitting in Sam’s room throwing ideas around, and I spotted a banjo chillin’ in the corner,” Leah said. “I thought it might be cool to incorporate it somehow. Little did I know, it ended up shaping the character of the instrumental.”

All in all, “Ohio” is a tune packed with wholesome nostalgia; one which will surely whisk listeners away to simpler times.

“Even if you didn’t grow up in the Midwestern suburbs, or your crush never kissed you — I’m sorry, he wasn’t the one anyway — I hope ‘Ohio’ speaks to you in other ways.”

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