UMC20: Ready for Tunes You’ll Love? (Feb. 9, 2021)

We had to tie “love” into the headline of this article, with Valentine’s Day coming at the end of this week and all.

It’s true, though: we have 20 fresh tracks of varying genre flavors, so you’re bound to fall head over heels for at least one of them. From jazz-tinged pop, to nerdcore hip hop, all the way to hardcore, this just might be one of our most ambitious editions of our weekly playlist to date.

Let’s not keep you from your true musical love, then. Check it out below!

Track listing
Christopher Kenji – Pretend That It Was Right
Natasha Blaine – Good Woman
James Leprettre – Paper Bag
Sasha Smith – been waiting so long
Greg in Good Company – Mulholland at Midnight
Wesley David – My Pet Rock
Dirty Lenny – Big Brown Circle
Kenna – Feeling Around in the Dark
Julia Kahn – Life Lessons in the Parking Lot
Forts Like Vana – Damsel in Distress
Creative Mind Frame ft. K-Murdock, Kadesh Flow, Gr3ys0n, and Prowess The Testament – Streets of Rage
TAHNE – Like Me Like You
Amber DeLaCruz – String
Leah Jean – Ohio
Lazer & Levi – What Forever’s All About
Sara Jelley – Can’t Fix Anybody
Pickup Sticks – Crazy
The Reveal – The War
Second Player Score – That Escalated Quickly
Royal Hearts – These Words Have Weight

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