Daily Spinn: Amber DeLaCruz Cuts the Final ‘String’

Our pal Cason Pratt turned us on to today’s Daily Spinn. You know him? He’s the guy that does the audio for all of those Live from the 615 things we’ve talked about here.

The artist in question? Amber DeLaCruz, who we last encountered by way of this festive holiday tune for those who spend the winter months in warmer climates. Today, however, things take a more serious turn on her latest single.

Produced by Ross Coppley, “String” is a contemplative country pop ballad about the difficulty of walking away from a love that never truly was. Simmering guitar work and ethereal keys create a tense atmosphere, providing the foundation for DeLaCruz to deliver an emotionally gripping performance. As she recalls the mind games played by her former lover, we feel the Florida native arrive at the painful, but necessary decision to cut the final thread keeping her from true happiness and freedom.

Tell us if you’ve been there before, eh? Or, if you’d rather not, at least check out this cathartic Daily Spinn!

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