UMC20: Turning Up the Heat (Feb. 16, 2021)

We have to do something to break this cold snap and try to melt the ice. Might as well bring out the fire.

As most of the U.S. digs out of this ridiculous cold snap — single-digit temperatures in Texas, of all places? — let’s turn up the heat with this week’s UMC20. It starts off with some scorching modern country selections, before proceeding through folk, pop, and rock. Then, toward the end things get weird.

We love it when things get weird.

Let’s all get weird together, then, and bask in the glory that is this week’s UMC20!

Track listing
Erin McLendon – Shaking In My Boots
Highway Natives – Bad News
Taylor Hughes – Prayin’ to the Whiskey
Coppley – Rush
Amber DeLaCruz – Drunkest Night
Stephanie Ryann – Ain’t Nothing Better
Scott Kurt – Opened Up My Eyes
Stephen Babcock – Bukowski
Timid, the Brave – St. Maria
Bella White – Just Like Leaving
Lora Kelley – Waking Dream
Ava Kay – Wild Again
Silk Tonic – A Second of Your Time
Moonroof – Vanilla
TROY – Foolish
Lenci – Got to Get to Know You
Griffin Novie – Monologue
Gerald Slevin – Kiss to the Future
Motorbike James – Automatic
kazaizen – Telephone (All Alone)

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