Daily Spinn: Gerald Slevin’s ‘Kiss to the Future’

If you’re familiar with the New York art pop scene, you may already know Gerald Slevin. As frontman of the Brooklyn-based psychedelic pop outfit The Color Bars, Slevin has performed at SXSW and toured the world, even signing with Tokyo-based label 5D.

Now, Slevin steps out on his own with “Kiss to the Future,” a vibrant, multi-layered sonic playground that serves to deliver a message of “unity and humanity in a time of darkness.”

The single came about after a conversation with his 4-year-old daughter. Slevin found himself explaining the temporary nature of the pandemic, and soon, his mind was blown when she blew a kiss to the sky and gave a wise-beyond-her-years explanation.

“I asked her what that was about, and she said she was blowing a kiss to the future,” he said. “After so many years with The Color Bars, I wanted my first release as a solo artist to be something optimistic and forward-looking, so it was kind of perfect.”

That sense of optimism can be challenging in the midst of a pandemic winter. Nonetheless, “Kiss to the Future” gives all of us a reminder to keep it close to our hearts.

“I think the song is about trying to be actively optimistic,” Slevin said. “It’s not always easy, especially these days, but I think it’s something you can work at.”

As you dream of the bright summer days to come, give a “Kiss to the Future” with today’s Daily Spinn!

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