LISTEN: Timothy Myles Calls for Unity on ‘Strangers’

In these divided times, we need art to bring us together. Timothy Myles has answered the bell, calling us to unity on his latest single.

The Chicagoland native — who performs as part of the first-ever Live from the 615 Nashville Songwriters Night on Friday, March 12 — released “Strangers” on Friday. The timely single is the first from his Songs of Hope from Sorrow project, which was recorded live at Battery Lane Music and produced by Scott Gerow.

“Strangers” is a brilliant blend of acoustic rock, folk, and Americana, garnished with soulful harmonies from backing vocalists Justin Watts and Kiera Loveless. Most remarkable, however, is the way “Strangers” urges us to recognize the humanity in each other. Myles’ hopeful melody glows like the rising sun, increasing in its warmth and vibrance all the way through the final chorus, as it draws us together in a celebration of humankind.

“I hope this song is a balm to your divisions,” Myles said on his official Facebook page. “I hope it brings you joy on this beautiful day, wherever you may be.”

Indeed, “Strangers” is a song that might just change the world. If nothing else, it certainly makes it brighter. Listen below!

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