Daily Spinn: David Lennix Can’t Help Falling in Love

We’ve got a groove for all of the hopeless romantics out there.

This one comes to us courtesy of David Lennix. The Nashville-based indie rocker got the 2021 party started early when he dropped “Midnight Love” on New Year’s Eve, which follows the nightlife misadventures of a hopeless romantic on the hunt for companionship.

“The lyrics are quite sad, and portray the main character as almost a pitiful, hopeless guy looking for love,” Lennix said.

The tune, inspired by the new wave flavors of The Night Game, juxtaposes our protagonist’s loneliness with an uplifting sonic landscape that blends 80s power pop with infectious funk grooves.

“My roommate had recently introduced me to The Night Game, and I heard this song that personified the drugs the main character was using as a woman,” Lennix explained. “Yet, (it) had a positive and downright groovy feel to the song. Later that day, I wrote my own interpretation of that feeling.”

Speaking of 80s power pop: if you hear Prince’s influence coming through on “Midnight Love,” you’re not alone. In fact, Lennix notes that the creative process behind the single helped him discover a newfound appreciation for The Purple One.

“I had always known about Prince and revered him since I was young, but after writing ‘Midnight Love,’ I decided to revisit his catalogue,” he said. “I quickly found how much, both musically and personally, we have in common.”

It’s always fun to revisit the classics. It’s even more fun, perhaps, to enjoy a classic in the making like “Midnight Love.” Check it out!

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