UMC20: The Best of February 2021

February is a bit of a paradox. It’s the shortest month on the calendar but, to our delight, there is never a shortage of superb tunes.

Which brings us to today’s UMC20 Best of February. The first three weeks of the month were enough to fill out this playlist and then some. In that time, we enjoyed a super strong month from our friends in the Americana space, while also seeing plenty of variety elsewhere. Things even got a little weird, which is a beautiful thing.

Bask in the glory of the Best of February below!

Track listing
Erin McLendon – Shaking In My Boots
Highway Natives – Bad News
Taylor Hughes – Prayin’ to the Whiskey
Amber DeLaCruz – String
Lazer & Levi – What Forever’s All About
Sam Phelps – Choices
Leah Jean – Ohio
Natalie Duque – Solid Ground
Natasha Blaine – Good Woman
Kenna – Feeling Around in the Dark
Julia Kahn – Life Lessons in the Parking Lot
Chey Rose – Blush
Dil – White Dress
Fallen Roads – No Ride
Jax Hollow – Say My Name
Greg in Good Company – Mulholland at Midnight
TROY – Foolish
Griffin Novie – Monologue
Gerald Slevin – Kiss to the Future
kazaizen – Telephone (All Alone)

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