Mad Welsley Presents ‘Working on Me’ — In Multiple Shades!

Once you start to do meaningful work on yourself, you learn that self-improvement is not a linear process.

Mad Welsley has experienced this first-hand, and the Memphis-raised pop artist has captured varying shades of the process with multiple versions of her single, “Working on Me.”

“Working on Me” — in its original form, a soaring future pop anthem and the closing track of her 2020 EP, For The Boys I Used to Love — details “the process of truly getting to know yourself and learning to love everything you find.” The single was crafted alongside co-writers Matt Harris and Chelsea Balan in 2019.

“On my way to our session, the melody and lyrics for the verse just popped into my head,” Welsley said. “When I got there and played them the voice memo, the rest of the song just came together effortlessly.”

The re-release features the original version alongside two new cuts —  a remix by her brother, Isaac Taylor, and a moodier version produced by her right hand man, producer Jonathon Jircitano.

“Since this song is so important to me and marked a pretty major chapter in my life, I wanted to make different versions of it to represent the highs and lows that come up during the process of working on yourself,” Welsley said.

The release comes at a perfect time, with the world becoming more transparent about the inner work that goes into living a fulfilled life.

“Over the last few years, talking about mental health and self-care has become more normalized — and I LOVE IT,” Welsley proclaimed. “We no longer have to hide the fact that we have social anxiety and don’t want to go out for that very reason, and we don’t have to pretend like we don’t say things we don’t mean when we’re upset. No one is perfect, and this song describes what it’s like to fall apart in the best kind of way — the kind of way where you begin to accept your flaws and understand that they make you who you are.”

Make sure you make time to work on you, and let these tracks be your guide. Check out “Working on Me” in all of its forms below!

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