LISTEN: VoirVoir Returns with Poignant Single, ‘Happy For You’

For all of its ups and downs, life’s journey is that much sweeter when it’s shared with someone you love.

Bethlehem, PA-based indie rockers VoirVoir speak to this bittersweet ride on their new single, “Happy For You.” The single — the band’s first new release since their 2016 full-length, There Are No Good Goodbyes — comes at the conclusion of a challenging chapter for the band; one marked by personal loss and worldly turmoil.

“‘Happy For You’ is actually one of our oldest songs, maybe even predating the band,” said VoirVoir vocalist and guitarist Matt Molchany. “Like everyone’s personal journey, every time the song was worked on, it took on a slightly different meaning, reflecting what I was going through at the time.”

“It feels good to have it done, because it allows us to put a sad chapter of our lives behind us,” Molchany continued. “I hope that someone listening finds the same solace in it, as well.”

“Happy For You” was recorded live at Molchany’s Shards studio in Bethlehem. The single’s nostalgic post-rock soundscape is hallmarked by wistful, reverb-heavy guitars and an unwavering drum beat that marches in step with the passage of time. Molchany’s verses, meanwhile, speak an undeniable truth: even as circumstances change and we get older, we have the opportunity to appreciate each day that remains.

“When we’re not standing right in front of each other, we are kind of a picture in each other’s mind,” Molchany said. “This song is about nurturing that picture and yourself, whether you’re with somebody or not. I’m not worried about aging and changing, as long as I have someone to do it with.”

“Happy For You” is currently a Bandcamp exclusive. Enjoy it below, and then head over, Name Your Price, and cherish it forever.

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